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The future of customer-centricity begins in October

It's a bold promise, but defining the future is exactly what our extraordinary participants, speakers and panelists do.

Our 4th annual Chief Customer Officer Council Summit offers an unprecedented opportunity to exchange ideas with the best of the best. Think of the Summit as an all access pass to some of the most creative minds from the Fortune 500, all focused on the same challenges to customer-centricity that you face.

You will hear directly from peers who have taken disruptive innovation to market used customer needs as the springboard to next-gen technology and protected profits while incubating ideas that are transforming business as usual.

We restrict attendance to top customer-facing officers, including CCOs, CMOs, and CSOs in order to provide a setting that promotes candid conversation and genuine connection. The environment is intimate, relaxed and vendor-free.

I'm not aware of any other gathering of this caliber where someone like you can get enormous value from two days with your peers.

Call or email me directly to register: Curtis N. Bingham, 978-226-8675 | curtis@ccocouncil.org

Our Agenda Is Created to Further Your Agenda

If keeping your customer at the center of innovation is your priority, the Chief Customer Officer Council Summit is the mother lode of emerging ideas and proven experience you need to manage innovation as a portfolio. It's a power-packed two days. Here is a sampling of the distinguished presenters and content experts fueling this exciting event.

Charlene Li

Founding Partner, Altimeter Group

Jerry S. Wilson

SVP and Global CCO, The Coca-Cola Company

Michael F. Koehler

President and CEO, Teradata

Alan Chow

CCO, Teradata

Mark McCormick

SVP, Wells Fargo

Glen Hiemstra

CEO and Founder of Futurist.com, Keynote Speaker, Writer

Tammy McLeod

VP and CCO, Arizona Public Service

Anne Bowman

Former CCO, Voxeo

Susan DeLaney

VP of Global Customer Experience, UPS

Bob Greenberg

former CMO, Panasonic

Ed Jankowski

SVP and GM North America, Godiva Chocolatier

Rick Marquardt

SVP, Global Operations, NCR

Download the CCOC Agenda HERE. Download the Agenda here!

Welcome Dinner - October 15

How do you turn your future into reality? Glen Hiemstra has created a spectacular experiential program wherein you'll imagine you, your business, and your customers five years hence. What will they expect? What is possible? And then Glen will lead us down a path towards discovery of the innovations that are needed to achieve this future. Glen Hiemstra

Day 1 (8:00 — 5:30):

Networking Breakfast


The Innovation Portfolio
Curtis Bingham will present the concept of an innovation portfolio and lead
a discussion regarding the value of the model in relationship to other
innovation models, as well as how the model applies and how it might be
adapted to respective businesses.

Curtis N. Bingham

Innovation Challenges and Roadblocks
What is your greatest innovation challenge? What is preventing your company from
successfully innovating and improving the customer condition? In this safe
session everyone will share their challenges and similar issues will be
grouped for subsequent discussion over lunch.

Roundtable Discussion

TED Talk

Awaiting final confirmation

Striking the Balance in the Innovation Portfolio
Discusses how to balance the three types of innovation: incremental, adjacent, and
transformational, and best practices regarding talent, funding, pipeline
management, and metrics. What balance works for you and how does that vary by
industry, competition, and company lifecycle maturity?

    Questions for discussion:
  • How do you fund and provide oversight?
  • How should the innovation groups be structured?
  • How do I push innovation with limited resources

Alan Chow,
CCO Teradata

Anne Bowman,
former CCO Voxeo

Rick Marquardt
SVP, Global Operations


Welcome from Mike Koehler, CEO Teradata (Keynote) Mike Koehler, CEO Teradata
Accountability for Innovation:
the Interconnection and Interdependence of the Executive Team

In this panel we will be discussing what happens when nobody owns innovation. We
will look at the role of the individual and the nature of the
interconnection and interdependence with members of the executive team in
advancing customer-centric innovation, as well as ways our roles need to
change to make innovation a strategic competitive advantage.

    Questions for discussion:
  • How much should/can I do alone?
  • What needs to be done in concert with my peers and how can I engage and integrate with their efforts?
  • How can customer executives mature in their focus from crisis management to strategic innovation?

Jerry Wilson,
former SVP & CCO, Coca-Cola

Mike Koehler,
CEO Teradata

Tammy McLeod,

TED Talk

Susan DeLaney,
VP Global Customer Experience,
Greatest Challenges in Innovation RoundTable Discussion
From Idea to Reality: Manifesting the Vision (Presentation)
How can you envision the future and make it a reality today? During this
presentation, Ed will share Godiva’s journey as they took the
spark, incubated it, and successfully launched a new product—and then
created a process to systematically and repeatedly manifest the vision in
the form of new products, services, or business models that better meet
customer needs.

Ed Jankowski,
SVP & GM North America.
Godiva Chocolatier

Day 2 (8:00 — 3:00):

Networking Breakfast

Managing innovation and all the Moving Pieces (Panel Discussion)
In this panel we'll be answering questions like:
  • "How can we discover ideas with potential?"
  • "How do we prioritize and incubate the best?"
  • "How do we manage the innovation process while at the same time delivering outcomes against our objectives?"
  • "How do we successfully launch the greatest innovations?"

Susan DeLaney,
VP Global Customer Experience, UPS

Bob Greenberg,
former CMO,

Ed Jankowski,
SVP & GM North America,
Godiva Chocolatier

Rick Marquardt,
SVP, Global Operations
Engaging Employees in the Innovation Process

At Wells Fargo the iWonder program brings together employees to envision customers in five years,
what they need, how they interact, and what technologies or other solutions might be available
sooner than later.In the early days the iWonder program predicted mobile and tablet banking,
mobile payments using near-field communications, micro lending, and a host of other technologies
and business models that are now coming to fruition. Mark will share with us the iWonder
program structure, successes, and continued challenges and then lead us through an exploration into how it can be adapted to your company.

Mark McCormick SVP,
Wells Fargo

Engaging Customers in Innovating the Future
How do you put the customer at the top of the innovation pipeline? How intimately should
customers be involved? Bob will share with us examples of how Panasonic successfully engaged customers
in innovating their future. He’ll tell us how he engaged customers, the tools used, and how he
leveraged the whole organization’s approach to strategic marketing to work together and build new customer futures.

Bob Greenberg,
Former CMO,

TED Talk

Mark McCormick,
SVP, Wells Fargo

CCO Of the Year award

Presented by Jasmine Green,
VP & Chief Customer Advocate,
Nationwide, &
Curtis N. Bingham

Lunch & Table Discussions:
Innovation Best Practices for the Customer Centricity Maturity Model

Roundtable Discussion

Maturity Model Readout

Roundtable Discussion

On Becoming A Social Business
Twitter, Pinterest, and at least 50 more social media channels are the bright,
shiny new objects today, with more to follow tomorrow. Charlene will help us
understand how to rise above social campaigns to become social businesses.
She will show us how our executive strategy needs to change to do so, and thereby
develop deeper and more intimate relationships with our customers.

Charlene Li,
Founding Partner,
Altimeter Group

Summary and Adjourn

Want more details?

Download the CCOC Agenda HERE. Download the Agenda here!


The Teradata Customer Briefing Center in Johns Creek, GA, is about 60 minutes north of Atlanta. Click here to download information regarding meeting and travel logistics.

We'll Save You a Seat.

The Chief Customer Officer Council Summit Summit is free to all members.

A limited number of seats are available to non-members. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

There is no other gathering of this kind where you can have such rich discussions with executives of this caliber.

Meeting after meeting, executives walk away saying they received value that FAR exceeds the cost of admission or membership.

Unless you are putting down customer crises, you need to be here!

Call or email me directly to register: Curtis N. Bingham, 978-226-8675 | curtis@ccocouncil.org

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