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Curtis on...The 2011 Annual CCO Summit & Speaker, Jeb Dasteel

Chief Customer Officer Council Founder and Executive Director, Curtis N. Bingham, discusses the 2011 Annual CCO Summit in New York City Oct 18 & 19, including speaker, Jeb Dasteel, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer of Oracle, and the subject of his presentation.


Transcript for Curtis on...The 2011 Annual CCO Summit & Speaker, Jeb Dasteel

One of the key success factors for a CCO is that the chief customer officer needs to own data, not the collection and the storage of the data but the initiation of the collection and especially the analysis and the interpretation. This is where the real value of the CCO lies. It's in the interpretation of the data and turning that data, that insight into action.

The CCO or the customer loyalty executive needs to be the customer expert throughout the company. This is what we're talking about for the 2011 CCO Summit scheduled for October 18 and19.

The theme is accelerating leadership; and Jeb Dasteel is the VP and chief customer officer of Oracle and he's also the 2009 CCO of the Year.

He's going to be talking about how he is leveraging data and customer analytics to help drive real profitable growth. There are very few CCOs who are using this customer data and analytics as effectively as Jeb and his team at Oracle are.

And I'm very excited to have him share with us and all of the rest of our peers many of the things that he's learned over the last number of years as he's been doing some very careful customer analytics.

He's also going to be leading a discussion of some of the very core analytics that every CCO or customer loyalty executive should be tracking in their business.

I encourage you to attend the Chief Customer Officer Summit coming up on October 18 and 19 in New York City. The summit is the only form of its kind. It's an exclusive gathering of your peers where you can share, discuss, and develop strategy with some of the foremost chief customer officers in the world.

If you could keep just one customer longer as a result of something that you've learned while you're here at the Summit, your investment, time, and money in this event will have paid off handsomely.

Visit the Council website to view the full agenda and to register for the 2011 Chief Customer Officer Summit. I look forward to having you join the conversation.


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