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Customer Data

“Your opinion, though interesting, is irrelevant”

One of the hallmarks of the CCO is the ability to understand customers better than anyone else in the company. The CCO must be steeped in customer insights, and be able to bring the customer right into the boardroom. Without data a CCO fails at holding the authoritative view of the customer and becomes a common-sense strategic guesser. As the Chief Customer Officer, you must bring rigor to the C-Suite, providing facts and analyses that enable the executive team to make fact-based decisions on customer, product, market, and corporate strategy.

Customer data enables you to assess customer value and allocate resources to satisfy customer needs and help influence customer behavior.

Having vast amounts of data alone is insufficient. Perhaps most important is the ability to quickly and easily gather additional data when required as a result of changes in the marketplace, customer base, or product/service portfolio which require additional insight not previously gathered.


"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
of customer success to
the forefront of an
strategic initiatives."

Brian Study
SAVO Group