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Ease of Doing Business Accelerator


What if you could become a company that’s much easier to do business with?

Keep customers longer? Grow profits?

The key to ease of doing business is reducing customer effort.
Gartner states that reducing customer effort can reduce costs by 37% and induce customers to spend 88% more.

intend to tell all their friends about their bad experience.


Of customers with HIGH-effort experiences are disloyal.


will tell more than 10 people about their good experiences.


Customer effort reduction started in the call center because customers were 4X more likely to become disloyal. Today it must span the entire customer lifecycle.

  • plus_yel Customers increasingly compare you against Amazon or Uber.
  • blue_plus How much effort does it take to do business with you?
  • plus_yel Customer effort, or friction, destroys customer value.
  • blue_plus You simply cannot afford to ignore the huge costs of high-effort customer interactions.
  • plus_yel Customer effort needs to be reduced across every single possible customer interaction.

We can show you and your team how to become easier to do business with in our Ease Of Doing Business Accelerator. We’ll help you reduce customer effort across the enterprise-so you can deliver real customer value and tangible results to your CEO

This 1.5-day workshop is designed for senior executives from marketing, customer care, services, and other critical customer-facing roles, AND their cross-functional teams. Our approach enables you to


Work on real customer strategy challenges & opportunities for you plus 3-4 members of your cross functional team


Share experiences and ideas across 4-5 companies in varied industries (carefully chosen to avoid any competitive sensitivities)


Gain unlimited access to workshop leaders for a month after the workshop to review progress and refine next steps

The workshop is rich with real-world examples, research results, and tried & true best practices. During breakouts you’ll gather your team together to create practical strategies and a roadmap uniquely tailored for YOUR company



Nov 13-14, 9-5pm & 9-12pm


Seattle, WA




Your investment includes attendance for you plus three to four cross-functional team members from your company. We have designed this course around your team so you can work to solve specific problems and opportunities unique to your company during the course rather than nebulous generalities. Space is very limited. Schedule a call to learn more and register
Further Details

The Ease of Doing Business Accelerator is a comprehensive approach to ease of doing business: identifying, prioritizing, and reducing customer effort across the enterprise.

It is based on our Customer Performance Framework and its 7 leading indicators—customer acquisition, customer rescue/retention, customer effort, customer engagement, customer adoption, customer value, and customer brand advocacy.

We’ll start with an in-depth customer effort diagnostic that you’ll complete within your company and submit before the course begins. We’ll use the data you’ve gathered to help prioritize effort reductions, build a business case, and create an action plan.

We’ll spend an intensive 1.5 days on the following
  • 1 Examining detailed cases of excessive customer effort across the customer lifecycle, the financial impact, and stories of success in reducing effort
  • 2 Ensuring that effort reduction initiatives are grounded in real customer needs. Research suggests that executives are focusing on initiatives that are misaligned with customer priorities
  • 3 Examining the activities and capabilities within our Customer Performance Framework that must be put in place to effectively and systematically reduce customer effort
  • 4 Prioritizing customer effort initiatives according to the framework for maximum impact
  • 5 Creating a customer effort score, benchmark, and measurement process
  • 6 Creating a near-term roadmap to reduce customer effort with a select handful of strategic initiatives
  • 7 Developing the compelling business case to reduce customer effort, including metrics to measure progress

When you’ve finished the course, you’ll walk away with a detailed action plan to address customer effort in your organization. Specifically, you’ll have the:

  • plus_yel Definition and prioritization of customer effort drivers
  • plus_yel Linkage of drivers to operational and financial metrics
  • plus_yel Linkage of drivers to what’s most important to your CEO
  • plus_yel Identification of and first steps/action plan for initiatives to address priority customer effort challenges
  • plus_yel Process for root cause/corrective actions to address customer effort reduction needs by customer segment

You will also have unlimited email & phone access to Curtis & Jeb for one month to aid you in your strategy and implementation.

About your Instructors
curtis Curtis Bingham
jeb Jeb Dasteel
Curtis Bingham, founder and CEO of the Chief Customer Officer Council, and Jeb Dasteel, former Chief Customer Officer, Oracle, have been working with top executives across many different industries for many years on how to eliminate customer effort and optimize other aspects of Customer Performance. They are singularly focused on improving customer outcomes and creating more value for your business.
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Fees are non-refundable. We have to pay in advance for travel, facility rental, supplies, food, and more. However, we recognize that emergencies do happen. If such happens to you, we will gladly apply your payment to a future course as long as it completes within one year.


"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
of customer success to
the forefront of an
strategic initiatives."

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