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CCO Job Opportunites

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The first CCO was hired in 1999 at Texas Power and Light. In 2003 there were fewer than 20 people in the world with the obscure title of Chief Customer Officer. There are now more than 500 officially titled Chief Customer Officers in the world and perhaps hundreds more serving the same role but without the formal title. Fewer than 35 of the Fortune 500 companies have a CCO The CCO is responsible for profitably aligning the company's deliverables with strategic customer needs and values. It is far easier to install a CCO in a smaller company of perhaps less than $100M in revenue, often because the CCO can directly influence all the employees. The CCO role is the most fragile in the C-suite, with an average tenure of 29.4 months, with some notable exceptions on either side of the average. It takes at least two years for the CCO's activities to flow through the company and make a significant impact on top and bottom-line results. Approximately 60% of CCOs are promoted from within and the remainder is hired from the outside. The CCO has a three-fold mission: 1) increase profitable behavior, 2) increase customer centricity, and 3) drive sustainable growth. Jasmine Green, Chief Customer Advocate, Nationwide, named 2012 Chief Customer Officer of the Year, Read More The hallmark of the CCO is the ability to create and drive customer strategy across the company. The technology sector alone accounts for 26.7% of all CCO employment.

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Listed below are a collection of CCO and customer executive positions of interest. Please feel free to visit the job description and contact the job poster directly. If you hear of other CCO positions that your peers might benefit from please send them to info@ccocouncil.org.

If you are a company seeking to fill a CCO position, I offer a complimentary review of your job description via phone, based on my work with over 200 CCOs during the past decade. If you'd like to schedule your review, please visit ccocouncil.org/schedule.aspx.

If you are a company or recruiter seeking to reach the most comprehensive and targeted collection of CCOs in the world, the CCO Council web site offers visibility to ~1500 CCOs and topmost-level customer executives and more via:

  • Placement this “Open Positions” section on the CCO Council website
  • Placement in the CCO Council LinkedIn group containing ~1100 members
  • Inclusion in the weekly CCO Council newsletter sent out to ~8000 subscribers

This is the most comprehensive CCO database in the world, which has just been updated with new moves, promotions, and hires. If you'd like to talk about how to gain access to the most complete roster of perfectly matched candidates for your position, you can email info@ccocouncil.org.

*All positions are valid at time of placement. The Chief Customer Officer Council makes no guarantees as to the viability or availability of these positions.

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"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
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