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Benefits of Membership

The CCO Council is a powerful and intimate gathering of the world’s leading customer executives. The Council helps you achieve objectives faster and more easily by leveraging best practices from widely diverse industries. It helps you validate and refine your strategies and initiatives so you avoid experimenting at customer expense. There are no vendors, no sales pitches, no functionaries, just an incredible opportunity for you to engage with actual peers and solve real problems. If you want to shorten your time to success, this is the place for you.

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Benefits of Membership to the CCO Council


Voice of the CCO: Jeb Dasteel on Demonstrating the ROI of CCO Council Membership

Jeb Dasteel, SVP & CCO of Oracle makes the business case for CCO Council membership.


The Chief Customer Officer Council helps you dramatically improve customer-centric business results. As part of this unrivaled peer network, you can share best practices that help you drive more profitable customer behavior, create customer-centric cultures, and help strengthen your leadership role.

There are many benefits to Council membership, the most important of which are:

Help you as a CCO define and defend your role, and deliver solid, customer-centric business results that increase your value to the organization and prolong your tenure.

Shorten your “time-to-loyalty” or the time it takes for a customer to become loyal—and more profitable as you shave weeks, months and more off of your customer program implementation by following best-practices from other CCOs and learning from them what works, what doesn’t, and what to watch out for.

Protect your valuable customers from inevitable harm and potential defection. One of our members said that he had made nearly every mistake possible in his early days and wouldn’t advise anyone to do the same things he did in the first year. With the wisdom and experience of the Council, you don’t have to experiment at your best customers’ expense.

Develop a clear customer strategy that drives profitable customer behavior. The Council has created the CCO Roadmap detailing the key activities and programs a company must put in place to profitably acquire, serve, and retain customers. The Roadmap provides a clear customer strategy to follow, mapping out the customer and internal programs that the best CCOs have identified as providing the greatest customer and business ROI.

Gain access to primary research exclusively addressing issues faced by the chief customer cfficer. Access to annual research on topics chosen by Council members, each one potentially costing $20-$70k if commissioned directly.

Access to an unrivaled peer network. Countless CCOs have said they wished they had someone they could turn to who could review a strategic plan or bounce ideas off of to solve an immediate problem. The Council provides regular access to peers through online forums, in-person meetings, and direct phone calls.

Help advance the CCO Role. As a leader and forerunner, help define the role as you establish standards and best practices throughout the field, and aid your fellow members and their organizations by sharing your extensive knowledge.


Voice of the CCO: Claire M. Burns on a Key Learning from the CCO Council

Claire M. Burns, SVP, Customer Centricity for MetLife tells how she implemented a key learning from her participation in the CCO Council that directly improved her company's bottom line.


Tangible Benefits

There is a hard, tangible side to these benefits as well. Consider the following answers to the question:
What if …?
… you learned how to better define your role, accountabilities, and performance measures to ensure your success, thereby eliminating the need to bring in an outside consultant? Depending on your company size and industry, this benefit may be greater than $30k.

… you gained a single insight over the course of the coming year that saves one customer from defecting? Is the annual value of that customer greater than $20k? $100k? Could the lifetime value of that customer be $1million or more?

… as a result of learning best practices from your peers you could increase your customer loyalty scores by 5%? Loyal customers are five- to six-times more likely to repurchase. What if 5% of your customers purchased only once more during the year, how much revenue could you realize as a direct result?

… you could extend your tenure as the CCO? The average is 29 months. If you could learn from your peers how to justify your value and double this, what would that be worth to you (and your company)?

… you learned world-class best practices around a critical business practice such as establishing customer reference programs or customer advisory boards, obviating the need for outside consulting? Some CCOs have spent more than $100k on these projects.


Voice of the CCO: Alan Chow on Two Key Benefits of CCO Council Membership

Alan Chow, CCO of Teradata, explains how the greatest value he derives from CCO Council membership is twofold.



"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
of customer success to
the forefront of an
strategic initiatives."

Brian Study
SAVO Group