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Curtis On…Customer Centricity as a Marketing Strategy: 8. Marketing Communications

In this eighth of a ten part series of videos, Curtis Bingham, Founder and Executive Director of the Chief Customer Officer Council on location at IQPC's CMO Exchange in London, July 2011, shares examples ofcommunication methods that help organizations embed customer centricity.


Transcript for Curtis On…Customer Centricity as a Marketing Strategy: 8. Marketing Communications

Marketing communications: Jasmine Green is the Chief Customer Officer of Nationwide. It's a property and casualty company in the States; it's very well known. She goes to an employee’s site not to surprise them and hope to catch them doing something wrong. She goes to learn and to reward. She takes a video crew along with her, and she goes searching through the organization whether it's a call center or a claim center, whatever; it doesn't matter.

She takes this video camera crew and goes looking for somebody that she's identified who has exemplified the type of behavior that she wants encouraged throughout the company; and they film this individual employee getting this award. And then, she posts it up on the Internet for everyone to see.

This has been a huge hit. So, as soon as somebody gets wind that Jasmine is on her way, there's this whispering storm that takes off through the company and everybody says, “Oh, Jasmine’s here. Does she have her video camera with her?” And they absolutely love being visited by her because they expect that she's going to reward them.

And not only does she reward them but she's also exemplifying and modeling the behavior that she's looking for; and she's focused on getting the desired behavior throughout the organization.

We made mention of this just a little bit ago from the folks from ING, the wall of tens, where they're highlighting all of their positive feedback and some of their negative feedback for all to see. It's all about “How do we create this connection between our employees and the customers? And how do we go about doing that?”


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