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Curtis on…the CCO Council’s 4th Annual CCO Summit, Part 1

Curtis N. Bingham, Founder and Executive Director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, announces the dates and location for the 4th Annual CCO Summit and discusses the first three of six innovation topics on the meeting agenda.

Transcript for Curtis on... the CCO Council’s 4th Annual CCO Summit, Part 1

I'm pleased to extend to you a personal invitation to join us at our 4th annual chief customer officer council summit. This year's theme is customer centric innovation. We're talking specifically about methods, models, and metrics that fuel dramatic growth. We meet October 16th through the 17th at Teradata's world headquarters, just outside of Atlanta.

This is a very intimate gathering of the CEOs, chief customer officers, chief marketing officer, chief strategy officers and other executives from Fortune 20 companies and others from around the world. Attendees are the very top executives from some of the world's largest companies, all of whom are wresting with driving customer centricity and they're challenged to bring their customers into the top of the innovation pipeline. These are not functionaries. There are no vendors and there are no sales pitches.

Many people are talking about innovation, but our goal is to focus innovation on customer outcomes so that we can help grow revenue, protect the customer base, and discover new opportunities that have heretofore been latent and undiscovered. There are five big areas that we're going to be talking about; here are three.

The first thing we're going to be talking about is how can we create an innovation portfolio? So often, many people are doing things, making improvements, calling them innovations, but really they're just incremental improvements. These are necessary, but we what we really need to do is figure out a way of finding, funding, and nurturing the transformational innovations that open up new markets and new product opportunities. We're looking at how do you prevent the weight of the organization from stifling creative innovation?

The second thing we're looking at is what happens when nobody, or perhaps everyone, owns innovation? How should the CEO, the CMO, the chief customer officer, the chief strategy officer be working together to drive customer centric innovation within their companies? How are they interdependent? How are they interconnected?

The third thing that we're looking at during this very important summit is how do you engage customers in the co-creation process? So often what happens is that people will develop a new product or supposed new innovation, throw it over the wall, and hope like heck that marketing and sales can do something intelligent with it. What we're looking at is how can we put the customer right at the center, right at the top of our innovation pipeline and allow them to co-create with us products, services, business models even, that we know and are able to guarantee will be successful in the marketplace.

To find out more about the agenda, you're welcome to visit the CCO Council website at ccocouncil.org. Attendance at this event is by invitation only. To request your invitation, please contact me directly.


"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
of customer success to
the forefront of an
strategic initiatives."

Brian Study
SAVO Group