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Curtis on…the CCO Council’s 4th Annual CCO Summit Agenda, Part 3

Curtis N. Bingham, Founder and Executive Director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, explains the value of attending the upcoming CCO Summit and highlights two discussion topics in particular: key challenges faced by each CCO and the customer centricity maturity model.

Transcript for Curtis on... the CCO Council’s 4th Annual CCO Summit, Part 3

I'm pleased to extend to you a personal invitation to join us at our 4th Annual Chief Customer Officer Council Summit. The theme for this year's Summit is customer centric innovation and we're looking at the methods, the models, and the metrics that are used to fuel dramatic growth in your company. We meet October 16th through the 17th at Teradata headquarters, just outside of Atlanta.

We have a fantastic line-up of speakers, panelists, and other content experts, including Charlene Li of Altimeter Group, Jerry Wilson of Coca-Cola, Mark McCormick of Wells Fargo, Mike Koehler, the CEO of Teradata, and many more. Attendees are C-level executives from Nationwide, MetLife, AIA Hong Kong, Pacific Gas & Electric, American Cancer Society, JetBlue, and many more. The attendees are not functionaries. There are no vendors. There are no sales pitches. The real value is in the rich discussion that takes place at these events.

There are a couple of powerful discussions that I’d like to share with you that are also scheduled on the agenda. We’re going to be discussing some of the greatest challenges that are faced by attendees in breakout sessions. One of the things we do at every event is ask each CCO to bring with them a key challenge that they’re faced with, either that they don’t have the bandwidth to figure out or may not have the expertise in-house that they need to figure out and to share that. Then we get together and we brainstorm ideas of things that people have done already to solve those problems, or best practices that we create together in order to solve some of these challenges. And then we’ll share that with the rest of the group in what promises to be, and always has been for the last four years, a fantastic, rich, and lively discussion.

As well during this event, we’re putting the finishing touches on the customer centricity maturity model. There are five levels of maturity that any company can find themselves in at any given point. We’re going to be identifying some of the hallmark characteristics of the most effective companies and their best practices around customer centric innovation. We’re going to be capturing these as part of an executive level diagnostic to be used by those attendees and our member companies in driving customer centric change, and making sure that everyone is responsible for and accountable for innovation within their company.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join in the conversation. Register now to take advantage of the early registration discount that is going on right now. To register, you can visit the CCO Council website, at ccocouncil.org or you can contact me directly.


"At SAVO, we are dedicated to our customers' success. We have organized our teams around it, developed programs to promote it, and we measure ourselves based on their success. I look forward to working with other members of the council to explore innovative ways to drive the imperative
of customer success to
the forefront of an
strategic initiatives."

Brian Study
SAVO Group