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Curtis on…the 4th Annual CCO Summit Agenda, Part 4

Curtis N. Bingham, Founder and Executive Director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, announces two additional speakers for the 4th Annual Summit: Susan DeLaney of UPS and Ed Jankowski of Godiva Chocolatier and discusses the expertise they bring to bear on the topic of innovation.

Video Transcript for Curtis on... the CCO Council’s 4th Annual CCO Summit, Part 4

I'm very pleased to announce the final speaker line up for this year’s 2012 Chief Customer Officer Council CCO Summit. The theme for this year is customer centric innovation and we're looking at the methods, the models, and the metrics that fuel dramatic growth. This is a very small and very intimate gathering of top-level executives from some of the world’s largest companies right down to some of the world’s smallest companies that are extremely innovative.

These are are not functionaries that are going to be attending. There are no vendors. There are no sales pitches. The real value to you in attending this event is learning to share new ideas on how to innovate and how other successes can be applied to you and to your company and most importantly, about avoiding experimenting at customers’ expense.

Susan DeLaney is the Vice President of Global Customer Experience at United Parcel Service, or UPS. She’s spent 23 years at UPS and she’s always been focused on innovation. She has huge earned authority that we’ve talked about at previous Summits. She’s very adept at getting people to trust her in launching new ventures. She’s going to be telling us about the UPS My Choice® Program, where consumers can manage all of their inbound shipping. And while that may seem trivial, the thing that they’re really focused on is a brilliant example of innovation that focuses on your customers’ customers to drive increased business and drive increased customer loyalty and preference.

Our next content expert that’s going to be joining us is Ed Jankowski, the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Godiva Chocolatier in North America. Ed has led a massive innovation effort at Godiva Chocolates, where he’s introduced new products, brought on board new channels, and reached a whole slew of new customers and new marketplaces. The processes that he put in place are fascinating. He’s going to be telling us about some of these processes that he’s put in place to manage the innovation process: how to vet new ideas; how to get buy in from all of the necessary stakeholders; how to make some of the smartest decisions at the senior level; and successfully bring new products to market.

Some of the attendees at this event include those top executives from Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, Nationwide, MetLife, AIA Hong Kong, Teradata, American Cancer Society, JetBlue and many more. Nowhere else will you find such an intimate close-knit gathering of executives – your peers – who are gathered together to focus on this particular topic; to help each other learn and understand how to innovate; and make sure that these innovations truly matter and affect the lives of our customers.

Register now to take advantage of the early registration deadline and discount at ccocouncil.org or you can reach out to me at curtis@ccocouncil.org.


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