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CCO Council Launches First-Ever Formal Survey Targeting the CCO Role


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Chief Customer Officer Council Launches First-Ever Formal Survey Targeting the CCO Role

Groundbreaking research promises to formulate an accurate profile of the personal and organizational dynamics of the CCO role -- the most exclusive member of the corporate C-Suite

LITTLETON, Mass.; Sept. 13, 2010 -- The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, the only member-led peer-advisory network offering unparalleled insight and assistance into the critical issues facing CCOs, announced today it has launched a first-of-its kind, in-depth research project designed to clarify the role of the Chief Customer Officer position in today’s global business fabric.

“People in this industry always talk about the importance of the customer experience, but no one has ever delved into the CCO experience,” said Curtis N. Bingham, founder and executive director of the CCO Council. “There are less than 400 CCOs in the world, far fewer than any other C-level position. Yet the CCO is the individual ultimately responsible for customer retention, satisfaction and loyalty, which is a stated goal for most every organization. We realized it was vital to gather original intelligence about the CCO role, the people who have this title and how they influence the structure and fulfillment of their organization’s customer-centric culture.”

This pioneering research is being conducted using the CCO Council’s exclusive database of CCOs, the most extensive and up-to-date list of its kind. The survey is by invitation only, and must be completed by October 8, 2010. The questions explore such areas as:

  • The industries and companies that most commonly hire or appoint CCOs
  • The various types of CCOs
  • Tenure trends
  • Top challenges or obstacles to CCO success
  • Critical success factors for CCOs
  • Other aspects of the CCO role

Results of the survey will be presented first at the CCO Council’s upcoming CCO Summit, Oct. 19-20, at the headquarters of Oracle Corp. in Redwood Shores, Calif. Findings also will be discussed at Customer World the following week -- where Bingham is conference chair of the NACCM event -- as well as on the Council’s blog, in articles, press materials and in social media.

Those not in the Council’s database may qualify to participate in the research if they can demonstrate that they meet two qualifications common to the Council’s database: first, that they possess the most thorough understanding of their organization’s customer base and, secondly, that they are responsible for setting customer strategy at the highest levels of their organization. Those who feel they fit this description can contact the CCO Council to participate in the survey.

About the Chief Customer Officer Council

The Chief Customer Officer Council is the first of its kind -- a member-led peer-advisory network offering unparalleled insight into the critical issues facing CCOs. It was created to provide a safe environment where CCOs can share ideas, concerns, and build best practices that well help them, their companies, and especially their customers succeed. The Council includes CCOs from diverse industries, purposefully cross-pollinated with the most forward-thinking companies, large and small. For more information, visit www.ccocouncil.org, email info@ccocouncil.org or call 978 226-8675.

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