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Chief Customer Officer Council Publishes 2014 CCO Study


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Chief Customer Officer Council Publishes 2014 CCO Study

CCO expert, Curtis Bingham, spearheads examination of senior customer executives

LITTLETON, MA, June 25, 2014 - The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) Council, the only member-led peer-advisory network offering insight and assistance into the critical issues facing chief customer officers (CCOs) has published the 2014 CCO Study, a unique synthesis of statistics and analysis portraying the current state of CCOs and similarly titled senior-most customer executives.

“There can be no question that we’ve firmly entered the Age of the Customer,” said Curtis N. Bingham, Founder and Executive Director of the CCO Council. “The democratization of information afforded by the Internet and the continued explosion of social media forms and channels have given customers a whole new position and never-before-seen leverage with business organizations. But for all the information and materials keying customer buzzwords like experience and loyalty, almost no one is studying the roles and the people leading this pivotal, new era around the world. The CCO Council’s CCO Study fills this gap with hard statistical data regarding the role, its global distribution, and industry diversity, as well as original analysis of trends in the role’s deployment, function, and potential future. CCOs and similarly titled positions are ultimately responsible for customer retention, satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, stated goals for virtually every company doing business today. The CCO Study provides them and their leaders with vital, original intelligence, specific recommendations, and practical strategies that will ensure their companies achieve greater customer centricity and long-term profit.”

The CCO Study is authored by Bingham, the worldwide expert on CCOs. He was the first to promote the CCO role as catalyst for customer centricity and is the recognized authority on CCOs. He has worked directly with more than 150 CCOs to create customer-centric cultures and drive profitable customer engagement. Chief customer officers occupy a unique position from which to leverage customer and organizational insight in making strategic decisions, creating value, and inspiring groups of people inside and outside their companies. The CCO Council’s 2014 CCO Study is designed to enlighten, instruct, and advance these critical roles and their singular mission. It is currently available for free download on the CCO Council’s website at www.ccocouncil.org.

About the Chief Customer Officer Council

The Chief Customer Officer Council was created to share ideas, concerns, and build best practices that will help customer executives avoid experimenting at customers’ expense as they drive more profitable customer behavior, create powerful, customer-centric cultures, and drive sustainable business results. Members benefit from one-of-a-kind peer interaction, the annual CCO Summit, executive briefings, research and resources, and more. For more information on the Chief Customer Officer Council, visit www.ccocouncil.org, email info@ccocouncil.org or call 978/226-8675.

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