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A Passionate Approach to Customer Advocacy

Jasmine Green balances process, multi-touchpoint complexities, and street cred to ensure that Nationwide is on its customers’ side

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Interviewed by Eric Krell and published in Customer Strategist

Jasmine Green's disciplined, process-intensive approach to customer experience management at Nationwide could be patented. In fact, it has been: The proprietary customer information system whose design and development she oversaw received a patent. Yet, it is the human side of customer experience management that Green emphasizes most frequently. "Customer service is heartfelt," asserts Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company's vice president and chief customer advocate.

Here, Green describes how she fulfills her responsibility of furthering her company's longstanding heritage of customer centricity by fostering trust internally and ensuring that all of her colleagues and business partners have the information they need to strengthen customer relationships, no matter which channel or touchpoint customers use to interact with them.

Read the entire article at Customer Strategist.


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