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Connect with PG&E's Helen Burt

Presenter(s): Curtis Bingham, Helen Burt
March 8, 2012  |  2:00 pm ET

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Welcome to March’s Conversations with the CCO, featuring Helen Burt, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

An acknowledged expert in the utility industry, Helen is responsible for leading marketing, product development, sales and services, as well as all meter-to-cash operations, call centers, and field gas and electric service. She also leads a $2.0 billion SmartMeter™ deployment and an extensive portfolio of energy efficiency, solar, and demand response initiatives.

As Chief Customer Officer, Helen has faced her share of adversity and remained a stalwart through more than one public relations challenge with PG&E’s very vocal, often vociferous, customer base. Join me and learn how Helen engages customers to understand them, assuage their concerns, and ultimately, turn them into her greatest advocates.

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